OxFizz is a not-for-profit social enterprise with a mission to deliver high quality educational services, empowering young people to maximise their impact for good causes in education and beyond.

The OxFizz model

Our model combines the best of business and the best of charity and works in the following way:

- We provide paid, high-quality educational services to those who can afford it. These services are delivered through the following branches: Oxbridge Interviews, which provides interview skills workshops, admissions test help and academically realistic practice interviews, Career Interview Coaching, which supports students in competency-based interview practice, and Oxford & Cambridge Summer School, which provides students from across the globe with an opportunity to experience life at a top university.

– All three branches of OxFizz’s educational support are provided by our trained team of recent graduate volunteers. Our volunteers draw on their experiences both applying to and studying at university, as well as their experience in the work-place, to provide realistic and beneficial interview practice, workshops and tutorials.

– The profits raised through the provision of our services are split between charities chosen by our volunteers, our bursary programme (chiefly our annual £30,000 donation to The Access Project) and our 10% reserve.

OxFizz’s goals

It is a simple but effective model which generates desperately needed funds for charities, supports students from non-traditional university backgrounds to fulfil their potential and empowers recent graduates to develop new skills and engage with philanthropy.

OxFizz’s Achievments

Since 2007 OxFizz has raised over £400,000 for charities chosen by our volunteers, with £140,000 being donated in 2014 and has received wide-ranging praise and commendation, including being named the UK’s fastest growing educational social enterprise in the RBS SE100 Awards 2012.

OxFizz’s Future

Looking forward, we are aiming to continue to grow (our turnover increased 171% in the last three years!) as we aim to donate over £1 million to charity, continue our partnership with The Access Project and seek to engage over 400 volunteers.

To find out more about volunteering with OxFizz just click here.