OxFizz is a not-for-profit social enterprise with a mission to deliver high quality educational services, empowering young people to maximise their impact for good causes in education and beyond.

The model

  • People donate their time and talents…
  • …to provide one of our professional services
  • Profits generated go to the charity of their choice…
  • Meaning lots of satisfied clients and money raised for charity!

Founded in 2007 by three recent graduates from Oxford and Cambridge, OxFizz provides a range of commercial educational services for young people to develop their skills and reach their potential, whether applying for university or going for a job interview. Uniquely, the profits of these services go to charities chosen by the people who power these services – Oxbridge graduates who volunteer their time. In addition to this, for each fee-paying session we provide, we enable a free session for a student from less advantaged backgrounds through our partnership with educational charity The Access Project. We thus combine the best of business and charity by running high-quality services which promote the public good and raise money for charity at the same time.

OxFizz has three branches: Oxbridge Interviews, the Oxford & Cambridge Summer School and Career Interview Coaching.


Last year, OxFizz raised £180,000 for charity, was the UK’s fastest growing educational social enterprise and the UK’s fourth fastest growing social enterprise in general, according to the RBS SE100 Awards 2012. This year, we aim that our 200 volunteers will raise £200,000 for good causes and our bursary programme.