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Volunteer Empowerment

We empower recent graduates and current students to develop new skills and engage with philanthropy in an impactful way.

OxFizz provide empowering, rewarding and flexible volunteering opportunities to recent graduates and current students. Highly skilled volunteers deliver all our educational services (from practice university interviews to seminars on our summer school!) and we really could not exist, or have such a significant social impact, without their dedication, enthusiasm and support.

Why should I volunteer?

  • Volunteering with OxFizz is a rewarding way to raise significant amounts of money for a charity of your choice; in 2016 our top volunteer fundraised over £5,000. It also provides volunteers with a forum to share their experiences and utilise their skills to improve access to top universities.
  • Volunteering with OxFizz is flexible and does not require a regular time commitment. OxFizz allows recent graduates to engage with philanthropy at a time when they may feel unable to commit to regular volunteering. Over 70% of our volunteers say they were drawn to OxFizz because of its flexibility.
  • Our current volunteers feel volunteering with OxFizz has helped them to develop essential skills and progress in their careers. Currently 92% of volunteers mention OxFizz on their CVs and 63% use skills they have learnt from OxFizz in their current job.

If you're interested in raising money for a cause you care about and improving access to top universities then please get in touch using this form. As a volunteer you will be joining a network of over 500 volunteers who deliver practice interviews, summer school tutorials and seminars, skills-based workshops and many other sessions throughout the year.