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We generate desperately needed funds for charities chosen by our volunteers.

Our primary social-good goal is to raise as much money as possible for charities chosen by our volunteers through our unique social enterprise model.

When we were founded our 10-year fundraising goal was to raise £500,000 for charities by the end of 2017. We are extremely proud to have met this goal two years ahead of schedule, having raised over £600,000 by the end of our 2014/15 operational year.

In practice this meant that last year: our most popular charity received £7,420, 46 volunteers raised over £1,000, 97 volunteers raised over £500 and our top volunteer raised over £3,800!

Our Impact on Charities

Last year the average amount donated to the charities chosen by our volunteers was £990; the testimonials below provides some insight into the difference OxFizz donations have made to a few of our charities:

"Our partnership with Oxfizz had seen Prayog raise a total of £4000 through the contributions of 3 members. This not only helped to secure our targets for fundraising, but also ensured that the society had funds to deal with the unforeseen circumstances such as the dissolution of the start‐up company in question. The Oxfizz partnership has also ensured that we have seed money so that we can plan a more impactful project in the year to come." Prayog

"I am writing to express our gratitude to OxFizz and your volunteers for supporting KEEN for another year. Donations such as these are absolutely essential for the ongoing survival of KEEN, which has no guaranteed rolling funding. With your help we will be able to match our success last year, where KEEN brought together 140 Oxfordshire children and young people with special needs with more than 330 volunteers for a diverse array of sporting and social activities" KEEN Oxford

"Thank you for the generous donation of £3765 following your voluntary involvement with OxFizz. OxFizz sounds like a fantastic concept and it is a real honour to be your chosen charity. The £3765 raised through your voluntary role will contribute to our family grants project. In total your contribution will fund 75 hours of therapy at Footsteps Centre." Footsteps Foundation

"Thank you for your very kind donation of £1506.24. We are so glad you have chosen, and continue to choose, to support our charity. Without donations of this kind Oxford Nightline would struggle to find funding
to survive. This fantastic amount of money will enable us to meet our running costs for next term." Nightline

"Thank you for your kind donation of £1,631.76 in support of the ARK Schools Music Programme. Once again, heartfelt thanks for fundraising on behalf of ARK Schools. We're all so proud of you and grateful for your continued hard work and dedication." ARK Schools Music Team

"As a charity that has been working to increase educational participation and engagement among children in Oxford for whom English is an additional language for over 50 years, Jacari has been very grateful for the tremendous amount of time and effort OxFizz volunteers have given on our behalf. This year alone donations to Jacari generated by volunteering with OxFizz have exceeded £7000, which has played a key role in allowing us to recruit and train 110 new volunteers from Oxford University and Oxford Brookes University to provide weekly home tutoring to just under 300 children. As a small charity with one employee it is easy to appreciate the value and impact a donation of this size from OxFizz has on a charity like Jacari, with less time spent on generating funds this year we were able to spend more time focusing on providing a quality service to the children we support. Thank you, OxFizz!" Jacari

"We have just heard the wonderful news that you have raised funds of well over £3,000 for the Oxford Food Bank through your work with OxFizz this summer. Because we receive our food from suppliers free of charge and our running costs are kept to a minimum we are able to provide around £20 of food to other charities around Oxford for every £1 we receive in donations. Your efforts equate to us supplying nearly £70,000 worth of food to less fortunate members of our local community, and in the process reducing food waste by the same amount! Once again, many thanks for your extremely generous contribution which is greatly appreciated by everyone here at OFB." Oxford Food Bank

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