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We work with over 40 top UK schools. We specialise in supporting their Oxbridge cohorts and medicine applicants, although as you will see below these are not the only services we offer. We leverage our eight years of experience, supporting over 3000 students, to provide bespoke support to students in our partner schools.

To find out more about how we could support students at your school keep on reading or get in touch; our CEO, Oliver, would be very happy to come into school to discuss the support which we offer in person.

University Admissions Support

We are experts in supporting young people to reach their potential in an academic interview setting, with a particular specialism in preparing students for Oxbridge Interviews. We have supported thousands of applicants and we understand how to work with students to develop the skills which will help them to thrive in an interview setting.

For schools with large cohorts to put forward for one of the services below, we may be able to come to you to deliver them.

If you would like to enquire as to whether we could provide an in-school service to your school, then please use the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch, or give us a ring on 0207 607 5370.

Oxbridge Interviews

Our interviewers are trained in providing academically rigorous one-to-one practice interviews for Oxbridge applicants.

All our interviewers are recent graduates of Oxford or Cambridge, so they know what it is like to face the experience and how to get through it. As such we are excellently placed to support your Oxbridge hopefuls in navigating their interviews.

We conduct subject interviews, personal statement interviews and submitted work interviews, along with our interview preparation sessions.

We are also happy to support your other university hopefuls with one-to-one practice interviews tailored to their needs.

Medicine Application Support

We are able to support all your students applying for medicine:

We have recently launched MMI (multiple mini interview) practice. These hotseat-style interviews are part of the admissions assessment for medicine and dentistry at several universities including Leeds, UEA, Birmingham, Queen's University Belfast, Aberdeen, St Andrews, Bristol, and many more.

Our MMI practice tests students on the full range of qualities that these universities are looking for.

We also offer traditional one-to-one medicine practice interviews, suitable for medicine applicants who are expecting a traditional individual or panel interview.


We run a range of workshops in schools in Autumn and Summer each year. These include:

Oxbridge interview skills workshops - Introducing students to the skills they will need to be successful in an interview at Oxford or Cambridge.

Admissions test workshops - Preparing students for some of the main admissions tests used by Oxbridge and other universities, including the TSA, LNAT and BMAT.

Medicine interview skills - Covering what to expect in medicine interviews and how to perform well.

These workshops include interactive activities, discussions and ongoing action planning.

Career Interview Coaching

We also conduct one-to-one practice career interviews. A selection of experienced and trained interviewers - from companies including Boston Consulting Group, Merrill Lynch, Deloitte, Unilever and many others - support young people who have forthcoming job or internship interviews. This experience will provide students with valuable insights into how to perform more effectively in career interviews, which many will have little or no previous experience of.

As with our University Admissions support, for schools with large cohorts to put forward for this service, we may be able to come to you to deliver them. We also run a number of career interview workshops and can run our Career Interview Coaching service in conjunction with our Oxbridge and Medicine practice interviews if this best suits your school's needs.

Oxbridge International Summer School

We also run an academic summer programme in Oxford, designed to give students an opportunity to experience what it is like to study at a top university. We have a range of course, including Economics, Medicine, Law and Engineering and many more. Our summer school also offers a range of seminars, skills workshops, social activities and trips.

If your students are interested in taking part in one of our summer school courses then please get in touch with us or find out more here.

Get In Touch

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